3 Bike Paths You Need to Try in Mexico

Bike touring or cycle touring is one of the most popular activities in Mexico. Even the locals love to do it and enjoy the scenic views their home has to offer.

Mexico City has a long stretch of bike trails that is available for everyone who wants to go around the city on a bike. It is great for avoiding traffic. There are also more adventurous bike routes that will give you a more adrenaline-inducing experience.

Whatever kind of biking adventure you are after, there is definitely a bike path in Mexico that will suit your preferences. If you are wondering what your options are, here is a list of the best bike paths you definitely must try:

  1. The Bike Paths in Mexico City

This one is very easy to maneuver, as it involves smooth concrete roads decorated with signs that will help you with directions. You can go around the city easily and stop only in places you would like to visit – like fascinating museums, unique food places, shopping centers, and tourist spots. You can easily get back to your hotel and relax after a day of cycling.


  1. The Valleys of Oaxaca

Distance: 45km

This is one of the most popular routes among bikers because of the easy roads, unique views, and exotic culture you get to experience. This route will let you traverse the central valleys and foothills of Oaxaca and feast your eyes on rock formations, mountain sceneries, colonial cities, and Zapotec ruins. You can take a break in markets and experience eating exotic food choices, buy handmade crafts, and chat with the locals. It is not very difficult to maneuver – most of the bike trail is flat and smooth. You may pass through dirt roads, but only for a short while.


  1. The Highlands of Puebla

Distance: 61km

If you want to explore the highlands of Mexico, then this route is for you. You start at the high plain of Puebla, then go down to canyon lands – where you will see cactus deserts, Colonial cities, and unique Mexican churches. You will also pass by a variety of museums, ruins, and food places that serve local food and drinks. Bring a map if you want to traverse this bike route so that you don’t miss anything interesting! Also, you have to allot a longer time if you want to visit popular tourist destinations.


Going through these bike paths on your own is possible, even if it is your first time in Mexico. The locals are very friendly and would not hesitate to give you directions when you need it.

If you are not quite confident, you can also join in guided tours. You’ll have a knowledgeable tour guide to accompany you. He knows how to stay safe on the trails, give you tips on how to enjoy more, and give you interesting information about the different tourist destinations. This way, you can enjoy the great bike paths in Mexico without the fear of getting lost.


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